Four Reasons to Select Newpearl Tiles

Four Reasons to Select Newpearl Tiles

Four Reasons to Select Newpearl Tiles

The First Reason

Sales and use of Newpearl products, with China’s largest ceramic production enterprises as the backing, can guarantee the product’s commercial credibility.

Lubu Industrial Park

Jiangxi Industrial Park

Sanshui Industrial Park

The world’s most advanced tile production line of MAX SLABS

Size: 3200x1800mm 

The Second Reason

Newpearl has the support of strong production research and development capabilities, the Albany Showroom display floor and wall tile products up to 80 species in Auckland, covers all kinds of porcelain products in the local market. Moreover, Newpearl provides abundant products for customer choice, the next step is to add more than 20 stylized products, and to provide a comprehensive range of services for designers and consumers.


The Third Reason

Newpearl has sufficient stock in Auckland, and the hot products are purchased on the same day, it will be delivered on the next day. Personalized products can be shipped from China within 20 days.

The Fourth Reason

The product quality assurance is undertaken by Newpearl Ceramics Group and customers can use it with confidence.

International ISO Quality Management System Certificate

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