At Newpearl we realize that choosing tiles is an important decision, and to help with that decision we like to give you even more confidence by offering our TEN YEAR product guarantee.

Our guarantee covers the performance of the tiles, form the date of purchase.

The guarantee covers the cost of the product supplied and reasonable installation costs of the product supplied. Newpearl is not liable for loss of profit or any consequential damages.

To qualify for a guarantee the selection and laying of the tiles should be conducted in accordance with current tiling standards and accepted tiling practice.

Claims must include a copy of the invoice and a statement made in writing to:

1/123 Pilkington Road, Panmure 1072

Or alternatively email


We recommend additional goods should be retained to allow for wastage and repairs as the same batch may not be available at a future date.

Nominal sizes and indicated; actual sizes can and will vary between batches/suppliers. If mixing tiles, compatibility should be confirmed prior to purchase.

There may be variations in shade and size between the sample and the delivered goods (and between one batch of goods and another) due to the manufacturing process by with tiles are produced. Variation in shade and size is not a defect.

Whilst we may assist with and advise you in the selection of goods, it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for the purpose you are using them for and that they comply with relevant regulations and specific requirements.

The customer acknowledges that:

  • They do not rely in any way on us in relation to the use, fixing, installation or incorporation of the goods.
  • We have no responsibility for the works of any trades person in installation of the goods, whether or not we may have recommended a trades person to you.

The customer is responsible for checking the tiles prior to installation. Any claims must be made before the goods have been laid or installed. Installation and laying of goods constitutes acceptance of the goods. No claims can be made by you against us and we will not be liable to anyone once goods are laid or installed.


In order to avoid unnecessary disputes and better coordination of customer relationship, the company at this stage of the current situation to retake the tiles as the following statement below:

  1. Only accepted complete and no damage tiles
  2. Only accepted the delivery within one month after the return of the tiles (one month after the collection time by the cost of return, one month to two months will be charged the return fees of 20%, two months after the collection will not be carried out). If you return more than 10 boxes, we will charge 10% of restocking fees.
  3. If you have found damaged or the wrong number tiles at the time of our delivery
    • The customer should check the quantity and damage immediately after the arrival of the goods
    • The customer must provide us photos and time evidence, as a proof
  4. The above return and refund terms do not apply to Products listed as “SALE OR CLEARANCE ” in the Product Listing, such as for customized or perishable products. SALE or CLEARANCE items are non-refundable and cannot be returned (except as expressly permitted under the Product Listing or required under applicable law).